Signage, Banners And Billboard

What is a Signage?

A signage meaning is like a visual graphic that displays information through signage advertising to nearest people. It can be in images, words, and numbers or a combination of all three.
You see signage advertising everywhere such as from the stop sign at a busy places to the “Exit” sign above a doorway. It can also be an advertisement for a service or product, a navigation guide to help people navigate a space, or a instruction or warning.
In short meaning of signage is one of the most important phase of advertisement communication. And signage advertising its very effectiveness depends on how good it is designed.

What are the Different Types of Signage?

There are several different types of Signage:

  1. Wall Sign
  2. Window & Floor Graphics
  3. Wall Sign
  4. Pylon Sign
  5. Roll-up Banner
  6. Vehicle Graphics
  7. Directional Signage

Why are Signages Important?

Signages are very important for many reasons. They help businesses grow up from their competitors, build brand awareness and attract customers
Signage can also be used for guide people through space, wayfinding purposes and help them find what they are looking for at a glance.

How Do Signages Help Companies?

  1. Helps Businesses to Grow Up from the Competition
    2. Attracts Customers
    3. Builds Brand Awareness
    4. Provides Wayfinding Assistance
    5. Saves Time and Money
    6. Increases Sales

What Makes a Good Signage Design?

Signage designing makes good because for any business to reap the rewards that signage offers and they design must be well thought out. A cheapest designed sign will not only fail to goal the company’s achievement but can also reflect negatively on the business sites.

Here’s are the some factors to consider when good signage designing:

  1. The signage message should be concise and clear.
    2. There designing should be visible from a distance.
    3. The signage design should be easy to read and eye-catching.
    4. The signage should be durable.
    5. The signage designing should be easy to remove and install.

What is Banner?

Banner Advertising is a most vital layout on the internet sites them containing of including a graphic advertising term inside in a web page. These design advertising are the intention of attracting attention and they do not necessarily maintain the graphic line of the site. Banner advertisement goal is attract traffic through clicks to the advertiser’s website pages or usually either to create the advertising impacts through impressions.

What is the Uses of Banner Advertising:

Banner advertising are used essentially for an advertising purpose to publicize the advertiser’s services or products. Banner advertisement is most common use is for the promotion of events, products, websites or brands. They are an effective means for business to advertise on the Internet. The banner advertisement allow businesses to advertise in different locations and in different sizes to specifically target to the customers and they offering interactive animation, text and images that make them more attractive. The banner advertisement called a leaderboard. They are text-based rather than image-based and are a famous term of online advertising

What are the Types of Banners Advertising

Banner advertising are different types and they are a specific format that allows you to meet the required marketing forms. Some common types include below:


  • Floating banner: This type of floating is that moves around the screen while the users of navigates among the page and the floating banner can be the very effective in getting the user’s attention but it can also be irritating.
  • Pop-up: This banners emerge in a new window and are displayed above the main content of the page. Pop-up term can be very effective in capturing users’ attention, but they can also be seen as intrusive
  • Static banner: Static type is the simplest layout and contains of a still image that is displayed on the web page. It is effective in conveying clear messages to audience
  • Animated banner: The animated banner Advertisement is layout contains of a pictures or series of that follow one after another and creating an animation banner that can be more informative and effective in capturing the attention of target audience.


Banner Advertisement Increase Website Traffic
Increase sales of products and or services
Notify a targeted audience of new services and or products, special discounts and deals
Circulate ideas regarding a specific topic
Create brand awareness (i.e.: get the people to remember your company’s products and services or name)

What is the Purpose of Banner Advertising

The purpose of banner advertisement didn’t arise with the advent of the Internet as a core of commerce. Physical banners has used for many years in offline condition. And they promote restaurants, services or stores. Online banners are placed on websites in the same niche as the advertiser but are not competitive and they consist to the link to advertiser’s website pages. Whether online or offline.

There are some points of banner:

  • Increase Customer Traffic
  • Sell Specific Products
  • Attract Attention
  • Announce Specials and Discounts

Why Banner Advertising are Important

The goal of banner advertisement is to drive traffic and  grab attention to your site. A perfect banner advertisement will surely grab the prompts and reader’s attention them to want to learn more about the product or services advertisement. Banner advertising are typically welcoming, brightly colored and use pictures instead of text to convey their messages.

Advantages of Banner Advertisement:

The advantages of banner advertisement is to promote a business stand out and generate traffic to that company’s website. Banners are clickable, linking directly to a home page or landing page. Marketers use banner advertisement because they promote the brand awareness. They’re also great lead generators.

  • Increase Visual Appeal
  • Captivate Consumers: Here’s How
  • Brand Awareness
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Omnichannel Optimization
  • Banners Boost Sales
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Big Return on Investment

What is Billboard?

The billboard advertisement meaning in words derived from the term used is ‘’billing board’’ and they like a larger outdoor billboard advertisement space designed to capture the attention of pedestrians or motorists. The billboard advertising usually a placed around to the highest traffic places (both foot and automotive traffic), billboard advertisement are meant to be striking, creative, and simple. In short billboard advertising is the informative and creative department in any digital marketing advertising agency still prizes the billboard space and as it’s a golden time to do impactful, groundbreaking work.

What is The Purpose of Billboard Advertising?

The purpose of billboard advertising is effective for building brand awareness. In short, they broadcasts your business (or campaign or product) to as many people as possible. Because the billboard advertising such a busy places and they tend to have the highest number of impressions and views when compared to other advertising marketing agencies.

There are some Purpose Points of Billboard Advertising:

  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Cause Controversy
  • Sell Your Products
  • Promote an Event
  • Increase your Levels of Footfall
  • Establish yourself as an Authority

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Here’s are the Advantages of Billboard Advertisement:

  • You Can Captivate Your Audience To Purchase
  • Commuters Can See Them Every Day
  • You Can Reach a Larger Audience
  • It can create a fast rise in sales.
  • It provides people with limited information.

Why Billboard Advertising Is Important

Billboard advertising is effective for building brand awareness. Billboard advertisement is most important for stand out the businesses because it’s a broadcasts your product, campaign and business to as many people as possible. Because the billboard advertising is a vital part for business and they’re in such busy places and billboard ads tend to have a highest number of views and impressions when compared to other marketing methods.

What are the Types of Billboard Advertising:

Billboards can come in various forms and dimensions. Here’s are the list of billboards that have been used since forever:

  • Digital Billboards
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Painted Billboards
  • Static Billboards
  • 3-D Billboards

Billboards Can Makes Advertisers Seem Established

People will often trust recognized companies more than little-known ones. If they see an insurance company advertised on TV, the public will think they are large, prosperous and they have been around for many years.

They can be achieved by companies who usually appear on billboard advertising. When the public regularly sees them and they will think they are a household name even if this is not the case. (Billboard advertising is 70% cheaper than using television).

What Are the Difference between Banner and Billboards?

A banner advertising is a kind of sign that is typically made of vinyl or fabric, and is suspended or hung from a structure or pole. Billboards advertisement are basically permanently planted in the building or on a ground. They has a message applied to the ‘board’ which can be changed by applying another on top of the existing board.






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